Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loose Weight Quick - Successful Weight Loss

The first thing you should do to become a person with a successful weight loss story is to forget about all your past dieting failures. Forget about your fat thighs and fat belly. Forget about the funny looks and stares that you get from people. Forget about all your fast food binges and your bad eating habits. You are now going to change your frame of thinking and wash away all your negative thoughts about your weight.

Next your going to stop trying to be a perfect master "dieter" and trying to do everything perfect. No one, not even me is perfect at losing weight and dieting. Face the fact that your going to make mistakes, and your going to slip up sometime. Your going to miss a workout every now and then. Your going to eat something that's not good for you sometime. None of this will matter because, if and when you do, you will start over and try again, until you get it right and achieve your desired weight.

Next your going to put a back up plan into place for the time you mess up on your dieting. Your going to assume that your weight loss program is going to fail you, and your going to gain more weight. When your dieting program goes bust, your going to feel real guilty and your going to start consuming more calories and your going to hate yourself for it. However your back up plan is going to be ready to implement so you can start to lose weight again and succeed.

Your back up plan could be:

calling friends up for support.

Taking your mind off of losing weight for a week or so.

Indulge in a hobby or something you like to do, such as drawing, or walking, or catch a good movie.

Whatever it may be, as long as your back up plan is organized and ready you will be able to get back on the horse and reach your weight loss goals.

Finally I want you to stop thinking that dieting is horrible, boring, and your missing out on eating all the delicious foods that you want. Matter of fact I want you to completely stop using the word diet all together. You are now going to change your life around for the better. You are now going to live a more healthier, active life. Your completely going to change your way of thinking period.

Losing weight starts in the mind first and foremost!!!

If you can truly believe that your body is able to change it's appearance, it will change! You will and Your going to lose weight!!

Successful weight loss stories

I have reached yet another milestone...40 pounds gone!

I can remember when my weight was 287, but that is now a faded memory... as I now range in the 240's. It's been a long time if you really want to know the truth. The best part is that I really feel good, and I have plenty of energy. There's no stopping me now!!

I haven't felt this good since college, and that was 13 years ago. Once I started working out and eating right, it became a joy to me. Now I don't want to miss a workout, and I'm definitely not going to ever start eating bad foods again. It's now been a year since I parted with fast food. Most of my weight was in my chest and belly and that's been the hardest thing to lose. But I'm shedding slowly but surely. The crunches and leg lifts are really doing the trick. I just have to stay focused and into it.

What I mainly had to do was not look at the program as dieting, but more as a way of life! I'm in this for the long haul, so it's a change of lifestyle.

Another factor in my losing weight is the support and encouragement that I get from friends and family. It's been a blessing to also have someone who can help keep me on the right track. I never thought in a million years that weight loss could be so easy once you commit yourself to a healthier- more active life. Eating junk food at the Superbowl Party no longer effects my weight! Loving it!-- Sean Flora

14.5 pounds lost, 17.25 inches lost and 7.3% body fat is away

At 50 years old I'm quite sure some of you can imagine how hard it is to lose weight. Lord knows I've gained in the last decade or so. I have been in and out of weight watchers for years. There point system works but I just needed more structure! Trying to manage your weight and thinking about it all the time is too stressful and makes you just give up. You never seem to get any consistent weight loss.

I now get my eating plan for the day from the computer, print it out, and post it on my refrigerator. Later I click up my workout and leave it up till I am done. I check off each weight as I do it, or register my time walking, or elliptic. Now I just get up and Do It, and like magic I get results. This is for all those people who say "Tell me what to do and I'll just do it" I don't have to think about what to eat, what exercises to do, how long to keep up my heart rate, or what snacks to have...freedom in submission is bliss!

I tried losing weight my way and it was EXHAUSTING SECOND GUESSING MYSELF! Now I just do what I'm told and IT WORKS. I really like eating more often to lose! So 7 times a day is great!

Weighing in at the end of the week is a great motivator. Including all measurements makes you really want to succeed. Feeling healthy and energetic is the biggest benefit you can get from shedding the excess pounds. I guess in a nut-shell I would say this program is FREEDOM in letting someone else steer the boat! Now I can get on with LIVING because I know I WILL SEE RESULTS, so I can rest and enjoy the ride. – Pat Norwood

You too can have a successful weight loss story just like thousands of other people. Above all, I want you to start believing that you can reduce weight. Don't forget - achieving starts with believing. So no matter how overweight you are, or how unfit you are, I want you to start believing in your ability to get rid of all your excess fat and start over on a brand new life.